10 days of paternal leave..? Who wouldn’t rejoice at the idea of having extra days of paid leave? I know I would! Let alone a father of a newborn! The mother of his child needs all the help she can get with the new bundle of joy.

Giving fathers what they deserve - 10 days paternal leave

Presently, daddies working with the state had five full paid working days of paternal leave, yet those working within the private sector have only one – the day their baby is born. How fair is that? Why aren’t all fathers treated the same way? Shouldn’t all fathers be able to have time with their newborns and create a bond with them?

The Work Life Balance Directive that MEP David Casa is currently negotiating will establish paid paternal and parental leave at EU level. But did we need to wait so long for this? Were we not able to think about it before? Is it possible that we were unable to realise before the important role of the father and child relationship from as early as birth?

We keep blabbering on the fact that numerous women are now joining the workforce… yeah right! We are forgetting that children are being brought up by child carers, nannies and grandparents for the sake of a better economy. But does a better economy translate in happier families? Is having the money to survive enough to make a family happy? Shouldn’t they be able to enjoy the company of each other?… Instead of trying to juggle between endless work duties and commitments?

UPDATE – A Hiccup for the new 10 day paternal leave law