need to loose a couple of kilos? Do not overdo it – that remains the first (obvious) rule to keep fit and, especially during lunch break, not to run the risk of being haunted by that desire to sleep on the desk all afternoon. But other than that, what could we eat good at noon to lose weight without suffering hunger?

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Dr.  Maria Papavasileiou, a dietitian and nutritionist among the most loved by the Internet people recommended 10 perfect dishes for the lunch break that will help us loose a few extra kilos. Nothing too light or complicated, because they are all tasty and quick to prepare. They are healthy foods combined, to not only satiate but also help to burn fat, while giving the right momentum to face the afternoon full of energy.

What are they? “First of all whole grains because they have a slow release of glucose: that’s why they help us to placate the sense of hunger for longer. So, vegetables because they drain and thanks to the fibers help us to feel full longer. Finally legumes and quinoa, which give the right amount of protein and do not contain fats,” explained the doctor. Also a recommendation on the dressing: “Only extra virgin because it is rich in fatty acids that are good for the mood and the heart, and of course lemon which is a great ally to best assimilate the iron of the meal,” she continued.

Instead, banned, always (if you need to lose weight!), these foods: “Refined sugars contained in pasta and white rice because they favour the accumulation of fat; and cheeses because they are all fat, even those considered ‘light'”.

To find out which dishes are recommended by the doctor, click on the links below which will open a new window with nutritional information and ideas!