After seeing the reaction of many of you agreeing with us that food delivery in stormy weather should be banned for the safety of those who work as delivery men… we have come up with 10 easy recipes to do in half an hour! The benefits? A healthy home cooked meal which you can cook together as a family, great for bonding and spending quality time with your loved ones!

Little Girl Cooking

It takes less than 37 minutes to cook a perfect dish. With a pinch of organisation and a little imagination in half an hour (or less) you can prepare appetizers, first courses, main courses, but also very exquisite desserts. Here are 10 of our ideas:

  1. Orange and fennel salad
  2. Shrimp and tomato pasta
  3. Tagliatelle with walnuts
  4. Pesto with almond and basil
  5. Shrimp stuffed avocado 
  6. Mediterranean rice salad bowl 
  7. Traditional pasta Alfredo 
  8. Creamy potato soup 
  9. Hot or cold grilled eggplant caprese
  10. Baked broccoli tater tots