Gourav Mukhi was considered a great promise of Indian football, becoming also the youngest top scorer in the history of the Super League, except that the authorities found out that he was not 16, but 28.

gourav mukhi
Image: www.news18.com

It was just the conquest of the title of top scorer to uncover the lie, because the attention that was generated on him also led to a deep exploration on his personal data. Some in fact have begun to express doubts about his age, and it did not take long for the evidence of his deception to emerge. Only three years ago, Mukhi had been suspended from the under 16 soccer championship, because it turned out he was much older than he claimed. So it is clear that if he was more than 16 years old three years ago, he certainly can not be sixteen today!!!! Math right?!

Since Mukhi shows off an adult mustache and has developed an enviable bicep, it’s hard to believe she’s 16,” wrote a sports journalist in October. “If you look at the data, there is no way that Mukhi can be 16 years old. Because, three years ago, Mukhi and four others were found ‘considerably past age’ by the All India Football Federation (AIFF).”

The debate around the age of Gourav Mukhi has challenged the Indian Football Association, which embarrassed did not require proof of the player’s age. Mukhi, however, failed to provide documents showing that he was 16, and therefore received a six-month suspension. According to Indian journalists , the true age of Mukhi would be 28 years.