In recent weeks at the emergency in Mater Dei a 24-hour psychiatrist service began. This was done at the same time analysis of public suggestions for a mental health strategy are being carried out.

After the summer, the Government is expected to launch a strategy for mental health to be put into effect the next year.

Chairman for mental health services, Anton Grech said that the strategy for the next decade is that of addressing among others, the need for treatment in the community rather than in hospital. He explained that a successful strategy would be that of having the hospital used as little as possible.

Dr Grech said that there is a plan for further mental health centers in the community with five already there, especially in the northern part of Malta where their absence is felt.

The strategy for mental health prompted the public interest so much that, Dr Grech said he made over forty meetings with entities and organisations working in this field and received a number of written suggestions.

Asked what should be done sooner rather than later, Dr Grech said that it is important to improve the way of finding help.