A 3 year old girl escaped from kindergarten to look for her mother. It happened in Ponteromito, in the province of Avellino. The little girl, probably traumatised by the beginning of her new experience in kindergarten or bored by her activities, left her class to go in search of her mother in the streets of the city.

The child found herself so alone on the street. Fortunately, she was noticed by a family friend, who recognised her and phoned her mother to warn her and reassure her. The woman then went to school to ask for explanations about the child’s lack of control in a class of only 11 students. 

The parents of the child also requested the intervention of the Carabinieri, who carried out the first investigations by listening to the testimonies of the school staff. An investigation will be opened on the case to identify specific responsibilities and intervene, even at the disciplinary level, against those who have not given proper attention to the small.