A nearly 30-pound cyst removed from her abdomen. One woman held a cyst in her body until she reached intolerable size and did not start causing her heart and lung problems after her organs were crushed by the enormous mass.

It all started with a simple weight gain, the 24-year-old, as reported by the Sun, believed she was fattened but despite her diet she could not lose weight. After a few tests, she discovered that she had an ovarian cyst that grew out of proportion, until she started giving her serious health problems.

“This is probably the largest ovarian cyst removed in the history of surgery,” said the doctor who took care of the surgery. Today the girl is much better, she is able to walk again and live a normal life. According to the surgeons, the cyst had begun to be dangerous: it compressed the stomach and intestines, preventing the young woman from eating, compressing the lungs giving her problems in breathing and even the heart.