Every woman knows this well, how many bras accumulate year after year! From the most sought after and expensive, to the simple and practical … Drawers overflowing with worn, ruined, faded bras, wash after wash or no longer in fashion.

But wait, before you throw them away! There are several original ways to recycle your old bras and give them a new life, turning them into multi-purpose and various fashion accessories . How to do? Here are some ideas.

1. Perfumed sachets

Use the art of recycling and creative reuse even with your bras, turning them into little bags to perfume the linen drawer, the house, the cabinets or the car. Begin by separating the bra lace from the remaining parts and sew the two cups of your bra together. You can add some Potpourri of lavender seeds, or various kinds of spices, or a few drops of essential oils to perfume inside drawers or cupboards where you put your clothes or decorate the edge of your bathtub.

2. Bags and clutch bags

Your used bras can also become vintage and fashionable style clutches. How to do? Cut the shoulder straps so as to make the handles of the bag and sew the cups together. A colored button or pin should be applied to the opening part. You can indulge yourself with the decoration of ribbons, lace or sequins. And of course you will have to insert a zipper in the part where the clutch opens.

3. Wings for an original costume

If you are thinking of modifying an old bra that you no longer wear , but you are fond of, you can think of making accessories for a costume for you or your children or grandchildren for Carnival, Halloween, for a theme party or for a dance recital. Bras with underwire is ideal for recycling. In fact, with the underwire you can get the contours of the wings suitable for a costume of an angel or a fairy. Give vent to your imagination and decorate the rest according to your tastes.

4. A colorful spice rack

To reuse an old bra that you no longer need, you can create colorful and original spice racks. Take the cup of an old bra without underwire, thread a ribbon inside or sew it at the edges. Cut the fabric of your bras and create colorful bags, into which you can put the spices you have in the kitchen. The bags can be hung on the wall or in a composition in full oriental style. It’s a great way to keep your linen “hot”.

Recycling your used bras will allow you to have original and unique accessories at home. And even if an item of clothing is old and can no longer be used, it is always better to resort to eco-friendly creative reuse, so as not to waste it and throw it away uselessly.