Suffering from cystic fibrosis, a 47-year-old patient underwent a combined lung-liver-pancreas transplant at the Molinette hospital in Turin. 

The transplant – the first in Italy and in Europe of four organs according to the City of Health and Science of which the Molinette are a part – lasted over 15 hours and is technically successful. The patient, who had been transferred with a state flight from Bari, is admitted to Cardiac Surgery and, as soon as possible, will leave intensive care.

Image: ANSA

The man had to undergo lung transplantation, but his condition worsened, with evidence of severe liver dysfunction. To radically treat cystic fibrosis, doctors decided to proceed with the combined transplant. Joined last Monday in the National Emergency Transplant Program, the surgical marathon began on the night between Monday and Tuesday. The organs were taken from a young donor who died in Piedmont from head trauma.