At the start of each year, most of us start with good intentions, and often these also include moving to a “healthier” diet. More than a few people have probably promised to eat pizza less often, to prefer more “dietary” foods.

However, a story that comes from the US shows us how to live on pizza alone. Mike Roman, a New Jersey teacher, has eaten pizza at least once a day for the past 37 years.

Roman’s long love for pizza started at the age of 3 or 4 (he doesn’t remember exactly), when his mother had him try it for the first time. Apparently he liked the pizza so much that he kept insisting every day until his parents finally gave up and stopped trying to convince him to eat other foods. Since then he has always eaten pizza at least once a day, throughout his childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Mike said he often ate pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner for many years, but recently he started switching from pizza to peanut butter sandwich for lunch. However, always eat pizza for dinner every day.

It’s not a big deal. I know some people love fine dining, and like things complicated, but dinner for me is nothing really special. You have to eat because you’re hungry“.

The 41-year-old teacher even had pizza served on his wedding day, a year ago, and managed to keep the “tradition” alive even during the honeymoon in Aruba. Mike says that his general health is good, and that the pizza-based diet has not caused him any problems so far.