In theory, Skylar Herbert was not someone who was likely to have contracted the coronavirus. The 5-year-old girl did not leave her house in Detroit for weeks. Though both her parents are first responders, neither of them had tested positive for the virus when she started feeling ill.

The first sign of something wrong was a headache so painful that Skylar couldn’t stop crying. On March 23, her parents, Ebbie and LaVondria Herbert, took her to the pediatrician. There, Skylar tested positive for strep throat and was given antibiotics, according to the Detroit News.

But she cried all night, enduring a headache that wouldn’t let up. Worried, her parents took her to the emergency room. Skylar tested positive for the coronavirus. Doctors said the headache and fever were side effects of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Days later, she had a seizure and was admitted to the ICU at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, where doctors found that she had a rare form of meningitis, a complication from the coronavirus, and that her brain was swelling. On April 3, Skylar was put on a ventilator.

After staying on the ventilator for two weeks, Skylar died in the hospital on April 19.

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LaVondria Herbert, a police officer of 25 years, told the Detroit News she and her husband decided to take Skylar off the ventilator because her condition was no longer improving. Doctors also told them that, by that point, she might have been brain-dead.

“We basically just knew she wasn’t coming back to us,” LaVondria said.

Now her parents are urging others to take the safety measures seriously.

“It doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s coming for you.”

Skylar was a bubbly, outgoing girl who wanted to be a pediatric dentist when she grew up. She was affectionate too — she “would run up to you and jump in your arms and hug you,” her mom told the Detroit News.

“It didn’t matter what she was doing; she would stop what she was doing and tell me she loved me like 20 times a day,” LaVondria said.

“It doesn’t care what colour you are. It doesn’t care about your nationality. It doesn’t care about your political preference. It’s just a monster that is trying to destroy whatever is in its way.”

Source: BuzzFeedNews