Sometimes children complain at awkward moments and we are unsure whether to take them seriously or not. We have learnt through the years that we are better off believing them and acting upon it, rather than letting it slip and suffer the consequences should they be complaining about something real.

This young boy, had a strange pain in his neck every time he washed his hair and his mother couldn’t understand what he had. McKenzie John, age 8, however, had a very rare tumor and is now struggling between life and death. As soon as the first symptoms appeared, the doctors downplayed the situation with a viral infection in mind. The child of Swansea, in Wales, complained, but only after the umpteenth check-up were they able to diagnose cancer.

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Every time he tried to turn his head to wash his hair, he said it really hurt“, his mother said. After a few empty tests, on March 6th, McKenzie underwent an MRI that revealed the presence of a tumor. “We found this lump at the base of his throat, and while they were investigating the tumor, McKenzie had a hemorrhage. No one in Morriston had ever seen this type of cancer, it was terrible.

This cancer affects just 250 people a year in the UK. A very rare form that keeps all his family in anguish. McKenzie knows he is ill and is aware that hair loss is an inevitable consequence along the road to recovery at Manchester hospital. The child has already undergone some cycles of chemotherapy, but the treatment continues. Despite everything, he has not lost his good humour and desire to live.