A Michigan man won a million dollars after his flight was cancelled and fate led him to buy a lottery ticket.

Paul Kuharevicz, 56, bought the ticket that changed his life in a local store after his return flight to Muskegon was cancelled.


“I was coming home from a business trip and my flight from O’Hare airport [Chicago airport] was cancelled, so I rented a car and I came home with that,” said Kuharevicz . “When I got home, I realised I left my bike at work and went to get it. While I was going, I stopped in a shop and bought a ticket “.

The next day, Kuharevicz discovered that he had won the million-dollar prize, after receiving a message from his son telling him that a winning ticket had been sold in a store in the city.


Kuharevicz said he wanted to use the winnings to pay the mortgage, buy a new bike, invest some money and keep a promise to his wife: “I always told my wife that if I won the lottery, she could retire , has explained. “She was a teacher for 28 years, but next year will be her last year of teaching”.