Following the reporting of a case of low infectious tuberculosis in a primary school of the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli, the Public Hygiene and Nutrition Functional Unit of Florence, South-East Zone, was activated.

In accordance with the Company’s Prevention Protocols, of the Tuscany Region and with the scientific literature, they are carrying out an epidemiological survey to identify the appropriate contacts of the case and undertake the necessary surveillance measures, in collaboration with the School Management, the School Office of the municipality and informing general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice in the area.

tuberculosisTuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium that is transmitted, not easily, through respiratory droplets emitted by the subject infected by the bacterium. Cohabitation in a closed environment, such as the classroom could be, represents a potential risk of infection for prolonged periods of time. The disease is treatable and specific tests are available to identify it and treat it even at an early stage. Close contacts were called during the week to carry out a check using a test called the “Mantoux intradermal reaction”.

Some 2nd level exams (chest X-ray and infectious examination) which will be carried out at the AOU Meyer – Pediatric Infectious Diseases for children and adults at the ASL hospital facilities. All tests, offered free of charge, will be carried out with respect for privacy. For all children and adults who are negative for the Mantoux test, health surveillance will be declared complete”.