Eyes wide open for this one guys! A mum has shared her clever cheap hack that gets stains out of whites.

Ashley Baxter. Image: Facebook.

A Scottish mum has shared a washing hack which seems to have removed stains from whites using a product nobody would have thought of using. Ashley Baxter, shared how an inexpensive solution used to sterilise baby bottles (Milton Sterilising Fluid), left her whites sparkling!!! OMG, right?!

Images: Facebook

After sparking much interested, Ashley shared her magic potion:

  • 1 part Milton, 3 part water in a large mixing bowl with boiling water.
  • Soak for 2 hours then wash on a white wash.
Image: Google

I can see many rushing to the nearest store to buy the fluid… because let’s be honest, it is definitely worth a try if you’re struggling to get stains out of white items!