A doctor in every school, a figure of reference for all health issues. The idea was launched during a conference at INPS by Health Minister Giulia Grillo, who did not however add much more.

“I launch the idea of ​​the school doctor, a figure that already existed in the past, but who could be very useful on sensitive issues such as those concerning sexual issues, bullying, problems concerning the mental sphere, consumption of alcohol or drugs. In kindergarten it can be useful for detecting diseases early,” he said in his speech.

We believe that this is an idea all Maltese schools should take into consideration. We all know the lack of human resources in our schools, and it is high time we start solving this problem.

We believe that the school doctor would be a great thing. The doctor at school would be a point of reference: for vaccinations and health surveillance. Today it would be important to integrate this figure into a health education project, or assigning him a training role that he did not have before.

appointment-book-blur-care-40568Let’s be honest, parents are ever so busy so wouldn’t it be great if there was a doctor at school who would tackle three major issues?

  1. First and foremost prevention, or vaccines. All children would be given all necessary vaccines at school, without the need for the parents to go to polyclinics and wait in queues.
  2. The other issue would be lifestyles. We all know that we have very high percentages of overweight children and young people, these issues are addressed by teachers but certainly the authority of doctors could make a contribution.
  3. The third point, would be the fight against addictions, not only drugs, but also smoking and alcohol.

Maybe the school doctor could have a look at children who feel unwell, issuing medical certificates to those who need it and certifying children to be fit to return back to school after being ill.

One would ask, which doctor would ever accept to be stationed in a school? The pay wouldn’t be extraordinary! Well, as with every other sector within the Government of Malta, pensioners can be called into service… what do you all think about this?