Ever was walking around and found money on the pavement? Maybe a 20c… and felt lucky?! Well, if a 20c made you feel lucky, let alone what a lump of gold would do! Because a lucky family have struck gold – literally – after finding a $37,000 nugget while out on a Mother’s Day stroll.

A father and his two daughters together with the family’s pet dog were walking on the outskirts of the goldrush town of Bendigo when they made the find.

A Young Girl Has Stumbled Across A Gold Nugget, Estimated To Be Worth More Than $30,000, Near Bendigo

“Mum stayed at home so me, my two daughters and Lucky were just walking along. I actually walked right past it but my daughter kicked it as she was walking. She then goes ‘Dad, is this gold?’ I said, ‘I think it might be’,” he told Stuff.

The father said they took the nugget to the local supermarket after they couldn’t find anywhere else to weigh the find. “They weren’t too happy that we were weighing it at the deli there,” he joked.

The nugget has since been confirmed as gold by an expert, the father says. The find weighed in at 624 grams and the family has been told it could be worth about $35,000 – more if they sell it as a whole nugget!!! X’ċuċ hi 20c!