A four-year-old girl died of meningitis just days after saying she had a headache and stomach pains. 

Courtney May, 20, said daughter Evie was her ‘happy, normal self’ at breakfast but then began being sick and having seizures. She was then rushed to Manchester Children’s Hospital where scans revealed she had brain damage.

Evie was put in an induced coma, but she never recovered and died days later. Tests found she had contracted Meningococcal type B, a bacteria which infected her spine and brain.

evie may
Image: Daily Mail

A vaccine has been given to babies against the infection since 2015, meaning Evie missed out by a matter of months.

Doctors said Evie had suffered brain damage and she was put in an induced coma and was taken to Manchester Children’s Hospital for specialist care at around 3am on Saturday.

She was put on a ventilator and transferred to the paediatric intensive care unit. She spent four days there getting treatment.

But tragically, there was nothing that could be done to save her from the deadly infection.