Those of you who have a dog or a cat know how much fun it is to have them around at home. It does not matter if our four-legged friend is often messy and confusing and most of the time, when we return home, we find something out of place, destroyed or gnawed.

Many without a pet say they do not wish to have one at home because it would add up to their cleaning time and regime; however living with an animal and being able to keep your home  clean and tidy is not impossible.

couple sitting on sofa beside dog inside room


First of all, brush them often, almost every day. Then get them used to sleeping in their area. Then follow these 10 simple tips for your pets, and you’ll see that even with dogs and cats the house can be cleaned and tidy…

  • First of all it is good to educate the animals to behave according to your rules when they are inside the house. Limit or shorten their nails. Teach them not to climb on the beds, on the sofas, on the shelves and to do their needs outside the home or in designated places. Create a space that is all their own to be cleaned daily, to prevent them from lingering elsewhere. Roll out absorbent cloth sheets or old pillowcases on sofas if they are used to go on sofas. Handheld vacuum cleaners are the most popular tools for those who own pets at home.

Black and Red Canister Vacuum Cleaner on Floor

  • Some comment how you immediately know there’s a pet in the house due to the bad smell. To avoid this, remember to always clean animal objects, such as toys and covers. Take care of the dental hygiene of your animals, which can be a source of bad smell. Wash the floors with a glass of vinegar diluted in half a bucket of water and use microfiber cloths. You will eliminate unpleasant odors and disinfect the environment. Eucalyptus oil, on the other hand, eliminates stains. With the bicarbonate you can pre-treat the washable surfaces.

Person Using Mop on Floor

  • Make sure that the dog and the cat, clean their paws on an absorbent carpet that you have placed at the entrance when returning from their outdoor walks. They will thus leave the most obvious residues of earth or dirt there and will not transport them to the house.

adult brown and white corgi on carpet

  • Opt for metal bowls, which are indestructible and wash more easily. For hand washing, use pure vinegar and then rinse with plenty of water. Put sheets of newspaper under the bowl, which you can easily remove if water or food are spilled.

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  • The cat litter should preferably be placed out of sight. The dog can use the garden, if you have one. The only thing is to always keep their bed clean, maybe spreading over a towel to wash often or use absorbent mats, which are bought in pet shops, to be placed also as a bowl.

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  • Get a grooming set for your pets and keep the sanitising wipes handy, with which you can wash them respecting their pH. So, you will cleanse their fur and deodorise them.

person holding short-coated brown dog

  • Try to always find some time to play with your dog or your cat so that they do not get bored. Bored animals are prone to do damage inside the house.

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  • If you choose to have pets at home, opt for a simple furniture that does not take too much time to clean. Avoid, carpets, rugs and always opt for sofas with removable and easily washable fabrics.

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  • Keep the drawers and cabinets tight so that the dogs and cats do not enter and leave their hairs and any prints on your clothes. Ideally drawers without visible handles work wonders for this. Create zones out in which they can not access.

White Drawer