Moments of terror in Casamassima, in the province of Bari when a 34-year-old man, a homeless Indian, tried to kidnap a five-year-old boy who was in his father’s car.

The prompt reaction of the parent, who blocked the attacker who was trying to take the child by taking advantage of the open window, avoided the worst. The Indian was arrested by carabinieri and taken to the Bari prison.

What happened?

The father had just got into the car with his son, sitting on the passenger side, when the Indian approached shouting and threatening the man.

After trying to open the door to no avail… he saw that the window was open, and he grabbed the child by the arm; but the parent immediately blocked the locks and a fight broke out with the attacker. The child’s father managed to call the 112 as the 34-year-old didn’t give up but continued to cling to the car.

The arrival of two soldiers, in the area for a patrol, blocked the attacker, and arrested him.