At the 7th month, 4-5 weeks after the first baby food was introduced, the second one replaces the evening milk. The range of cereals can now be expanded by experimenting with wheat, barley and oats. But the big news is the introduction of cheese.

Stocks of protein and calcium

Like meat, cheese provides high biological value proteins and calcium, which is essential for strengthening bones and skeletons. You can start with low-fat cheeses such as ricotta, crescenza or low-fat cheeses. It is also the time to gradually give the child to try other types of meat. At this age they can all be used.

Lyophilized or homogenised?

There are no substantial differences between freeze-dried and homogenised meat. These products are to be preferred at the beginning of weaning as they are more digestible and more guaranteed from the point of view of hygiene and origin, but should be offered up to a maximum of one year; then it is mandatory to pass to the fresh product. With regard to fruit, instead, it is always preferable to use fresh, seasoned or grated fruit. The fruit juices, then, are sweetened, they do not correspond to real fruit, they do not contain fiber: better not to use them as a substitute for natural fruit, or as a drink during meals.

Avoid salt and sugar until the first year

In the first year it is best not to add salt to the baby food to help the baby appreciate the natural taste of the food. The addition of sugar and other types of sweeteners in food is also not recommended, so as not to accustom the child to too sweet tastes.

Many smiles, but no tricks

It is important then, from the first months, to establish during the meals a good atmosphere of conviviality, but also regularity of schedules and great relaxation before any (and predictable) first waste. The mother should avoid raising her voice, threatening or adopting any kind of trick. If the child refuses to eat it is counterproductive to bland him with games and then seize the propitious moment to feed him. Better to try again at the time of the next meal without offering more food during the break.