Another blow below the belt! Apparently, the Cabinet has approved the recommendations of the Environmental Health Directorate to assist in tackling the inconvenience of noise and excretion by pigeons.

The go-ahead has currently been given to the Association of Local Councils to catch pigeons and place them in massive cages.

animal-avian-beak-pigeonsThis is the solution that they came up with to counteract Rabat Local council’s alternative solution to shoot the wild pigeons. They, together with other Local councils, thought this manoeuvre would scare the pigeons away… or so they said! But come on, we all know this doesn’t work! Ever tried scaring a pigeon away when in Valletta when you were a kid?! You know what happened right? Looks like they didn’t!

Anyhow, the Directorate’s director Clive Tonna aforementioned the recommendations were supported practices already happening in different countries. So what? We ask! Do we need to copy each and every move other countries do in the hope they work!?

Tonna continued by explaining what the suggestion was all about… “You place a large, automised cage in a problem area, feed the pigeons for a number of days and allow them to enter and leave the cage at will, and then you turn on a setting so that the pigeon will not be able to leave it,” he explained. “From here on, you can control and reduce the pigeon population in the area.”

pigeons unravel malta

Worried about other bird species getting trapped? Fear not, Tonna has the solution! The cage ought to ideally be checked on every day in order to make sure the other birds caught in it are instantly freed! Another job on the line… interested to apply?

Tonna continued… “Firstly, we must ensure that the trapped pigeons are treated civilly and properly and afterwards die effectively, and secondly that the trapped pigeons don’t get released elsewhere… We are in talks with the relevant ministry for it to provide us a place where we can keep these trapped pigeons, where they will then be given certain food that will allow them to die a natural death.”

How kind of them, right? First of all, we cannot understand how you can call feeding something that helps them die, a NATURAL death! How can they die a natural death by being fed unless they are being fed poison? I understand that those effected will disagree with us and agree with what is being proposed, but let’s all be honest… it’s somewhat of a harsh initiative! We ask, can they be fed with food that prevents eggs hatching?