If you’re a mum, no matter how confident you feel, there’s that moment when your child starts crying uncontrollably in public which makes you feel miserable! You want to figure put what’s bothering your baby whilst feeling all eyes on you!

A mum travelling with her 4-month-old baby must have thought about the possibility of having her baby cry during the flight and panicking! We all know that nobody enjoys sitting next to a crying baby anywhere… let alone on a long flight. So she had the brilliant idea of giving passengers earplugs to keep everyone happy on the 10 hour flight.

According to a Facebook post shared by Dave Corona, who was a passenger on the same flight, the unnamed woman handed out “more than 200 goodie bags filled with candy and ear plugs” to help ease the potential irritation of other travellers.

Image: Dave Corona

Corona wrote that it was “a very touching gesture by the mother” in his post, which had close to 600 likes and 200 shares at the time of writing. “But as you know when you have kids expect the unexpected.”

Would you go to such lenghts yourself? We don’t think we would!