And summer has exploded in our faces and given us a heatwave after the other… Shopping centres and offices aside, air conditioning  makes the heat more bearable, even if it is often not very good for our health.

In fact, many do not love it and do not like it, or use the bare minimum to survive without taking a shower every five minutes. Here are some small tips to keep the home environment a little cooler, saving on your electricity bill and also helping the environment.

Blind date: the lights off, even those of appliances. It doesn’t look like it, but the bulbs heat up as well as televisions, computer screens and other appliances, even when they are on standby. If you are not using them, leave them on off. Let’s forget about hair dryers and dryers: with the heat they are definitely useless. As for the blinds, they must be kept strictly closed or lowered during the hottest hours of the day. This helps in preventing the passage of the sun’s rays and keep the house from overheating. Even the windows must be closed, so that the hot air does not penetrate inside the house. Open wide yes, but only in the evening and at night, when the temperature drops and becomes more pleasant.

Get some air: the ceiling paddle fan is really a valuable ally. In addition to being a beautiful piece of furniture on which the designers are turning their eyes, it certainly offers a little refreshment without the contraindications of the air conditioning. Unique foresight, we must adjust the rotation of the blades counterclockwise to fully enjoy the benefits. As far as portable fans are concerned, the only warning is not to keep them focused on us to avoid annoying joint pains or sore throats that can arise due to too direct air flow when we are sweating.

A small, small forest: balconies and terraces are extraordinarily important. In addition to being used almost as an extra room for the home, they give back a sense of freedom and make us feel a little outdoor. To reduce heat, we must fill our space with plants, as long as they have an adequate space or are climbing plants, which shield the sun and give us coolness. If we do not have outdoor spaces, we can use the window sill to increase the screen of the sun’s rays with flower pots or evergreen plants: beautiful, as well as useful.

Stay in the shadows: if we have a balcony, awnings and umbrellas are a real must. In addition to furnishing and making the environment welcoming and discreet, when they are open, especially in the parts most exposed to the sun, they create a buffer zone between the external heat and the windows of the house. Be careful not to completely lower the awnings, because they must still be able to guarantee a little air exchange to prevent the terrace from turning into a greenhouse, obtaining the opposite effect to the desired effect. For the windows of the house we resort to light curtains, white or light-coloured, which reflect the light and protect from heat. If possible, we at least temporarily eliminate the carpets: so warm in the winter, as unbearable in the summer. If we really can’t do without, we focus on jute rugs: natural, fresh and definitely very trendy.

Good-bye household appliances: lasagne and roasts in this season are not exactly suitable, so let’s avoid using ovens and stoves as much as possible! Instead we should resort to fresh salads that, besides being rich in very important mineral salts, are digestible and do not require cooking. Consuming cold food helps keep body temperature low and feel less warm. If we really can’t do without cooking, we try to do it right in the evening or early in the morning before going to work. As for the hated iron, resorting to informal clothing that does not require ironing will surely be useful to avoid overheating the environment and making us succumb.