The most diligent have already started in September, but many are waiting for winter to join the gym and get back in shape. The latter will be interested in  WalkingPad R1 Pro, a model of flat treadmill, complete but much less bulky than the standard versions, made by Xiaomi.

Compared to the latter, it takes up about 90% less space and is easy to fold and store under the bed, in the living room or in a storage room, without forgetting that thanks to the two wheels at the bottom it can be transported avoiding efforts, despite weights 33 kilograms.

Able to withstand a maximum load of 110 kilograms, it offers two modes of use (Walking Mode with fixed speed for beginners and Running with accelerations or slowdowns based on the pace of those walking). This is an important aspect, because with a maximum speed of 10 km / h (which drops to 6 km / h in Walking mode), the goal of the WalkingPad R1 Pro is to allow a brisk walk without too much stress.

Equipped with a child lock function, automatic standby after ten minutes and a non-slip belt with improved grip compared to the previous models, the treadmill counts on a LED panel to display speed, training time and distance, while to control it there is the remote control and the KingSmith Fit smartphone app. Who wants can book it here at the price of 390 euros (which once on the market will go up to 635 euros), with the first shipments scheduled for December.