Japan is famous for being a culture very dedicated to hard work and with great respect for companies, but even in this case the lack of respect for the workers by their bosses is not justified.

Some companies have a name for having a total disregard for the welfare of their employees. They are dubbed as “black companies” and anyone who has ever wanted to experience what it is like to work for a bad boss, can find out by applying for a special event called “The Black Holiday”, organised for November 23rd, when Japan celebrates Labour Day, one of the few opportunities to enjoy a weekend without work stress.

achievement-adult-agent-boss30 candidates have the opportunity to work during the party for “Super Miracle Happy”, a fake company composed in reality by a group of Japanese actors who will do their best to recreate the working environment of real “black companies”. It is not clear what exactly these volunteers will suffer during the experience, but the actors will rely on true stories of people who have had very bad experiences at work.

The event would be aimed at two categories of people: employees dissatisfied with their current job, but hesitant to look for something better, for which the organisers hope that the experience inspires them to seek better job opportunities; and managers, to whom the organisers hope to inspire more empathy for their employees after spending a day in their shoes.