Feast in Fontevivo, in the province of Parma, for the inauguration of Via Carlo Pedersoli, the first street in Italy dedicated to Bud Spencer.

Three years after the demise of the gentle giant on June 27th 2016, a community gathered to honor the great actor. Bud’s son Giuseppe Pedersoli was the guest of honour. But that is not all.

Image: Facebook (Tommaso Fiazza – Sindaco di Fontevivo)

On the Livorno waterfront, in the afternoon of June 2nd, a statue dedicated to the unforgettable interpreter was also inaugurated. Along with the mayor Filippo Nogarin and the organiser Riccardo Minetti, there were Bud’s three children: Giuseppe, Cristiana and Diamante Pedersoli.

The statue was made by the Carrara travelling artist Fabrizio Galli. In full size, it gives its back to the sea. Bud is represented with the iconic dark blue coat, the cap pulled down over his eyes and his hands in his pockets.