The Japanese INAX has created a diamond-studded toilet bowl with Swarovsky crystals, in collaboration with Austrian jewellers. The toilet has a value of about 10 million yen, about 100,000 Euro.

The toilet is not currently on the market, but it is only on display in a showroom. It is not just an expensive initiative to attract the attention of potential customers in a difficult economic moment. In fact, the company executives explain that it is a gesture to try to ingratiate themselves with the “God of the Water”.

diamond toiletKazuo Sumimiya, director of the showroom, explains: “In Japan, it is traditionally believed that there is a divinity that protects water. For this reason we have always taken special care of the toilets, keeping them clean and tidy”.

The water-jewel has attracted the attention of the public, although someone has observed that although it is very beautiful, it is probably inconvenient to use.