After yesterday’s evening new case, today we have another two new cases. This time both patients are in their 20s. A 29-year-old-man and a 26-year-old woman have tested positive for coronavirus in Malta.

The man is a foreigner who lives and works in Malta. He left for Belgium on March 5 and came back from Brussels on March 8. He then started showing symptoms – including slight fever – on March 9. The man, who lives on his own and works for a private company, did not self-quarantine and returned to work upon his arrival. The authorities have started tracing those he came in contact with.

Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci said the authorities will be looking into who was sitting two rows behind and in front of him on the airplane. The risks are minimal because he did not have any symptoms while travelling, she added.

The second case for Thursday – 26-year-old woman – is also a foreigner who returned from Berlin on March 10. She travelled to Amsterdam by bus and then flew to Malta. In Malta she works for a private company and she returned to work for two hours upon her arrival.

The woman shares an apartment with three other foreigners, but Gauci said she has claimed that she did not come in contact with others while in Malta. Similar contact tracing will be carried out in her case.

So far it is being reported that all nine coronavirus cases in Malta have been imported, however given the fact that the last 2 cases did not self-quarantine, we might be looking at the scene taking a different turn in the coming hours.

“We again appeal to the public to not just turn up at the testing centres but follow the direction of their doctors and health authorities,” she said. The police and the health authorities are working together to enforce the mandatory quarantine rules announced on Wednesday (read here).