Hmmmm… This one’s interesting! So, ironing, washing, cooking, setting and sweeping the ground… daily gestures in the life of families that are mainly done by women, who dedicate 100% of their free time to the care of the house… is a disservice to men!?

Some men have never done any domestic chores, still considering it, archaically, a “women’s job”. When the children arrive, the situation is gradually multiplied. According to the researchers of the University of Turin, 58.3% of Italian men do not cook, and 70.5% do not even do the shopping. This trend is decidedly far from gender ideologies, but what if the secret of happiness is in carrying out the housework?

men clean

The light bulb came on during a survey conducted by the University of Umeå in Sweden, which monitored the daily routine of 723 people over the course of 26 years. The results were surprising! Those who did not contribute to housework, tended to suffer from anxiety, nervousness and problems of concentration. Women were also affected by this situation, as they were subjected to a sharp overload of the tasks, thus making themselves much more vulnerable to illness and disease.

Doing household chores can become a simple but effective way to break free from the stereotypical idea of ​​the “alpha male”, who is dedicated to replacing tires, cutting hedges and repairing roofs. A decidedly alternative method to spend Saturday afternoons, taking off office clothes and turning into a super-home helper.

Talking with one’s partner, telling each other the same efforts during the day, creates the possibility for both of them to reach a compromise: to create a planning and to divide the tasks .

The study focuses on some issues that have developed over the years. Despite this cosmopolitan and globalised world sees women advancing in education and careers, certain cultural heritage linked to the past seem to have become fossilised in today’s customs and habits.

In fact, many men expect their half to do most of the work at home. The researchers explain this trend with a sort of ideological coherence as opposed to the real way of putting yourself. Externally, in fact, they promote and support gender equality and independence, but when the time comes to get involved, it becomes difficult to choose to help their woman. 

In reality, looking for equality, both in words and in deeds, then dividing the tasks and helping in everything, will help keep the relationship healthy and make both happy.