Divorced sixteen years ago, she discovers she is still married. Poor her! I can just imagine the look on her face when she discovered the whole ordeal!

She was planning her wedding with the new partner… The date, April 25th, and the location had already been chosen, but the new couple had to postpone everything until a later date, after learning from the marriage office of the municipality of Rome that she, originally from Salerno, was still married. Now the woman has decided to sue the Ministry of Justice for compensation for damages due to non-transcription and the resulting canceled nuptials.

Certificate of Divorce Paper Beside Black Ballpoint PenThe first marriage dates back to 1982. He, originally from the province of Bari, and she, Salernitana, get married, very young, after a long engagement. Since their marriage two children were born but after years and years of quarrels they had opted for a divorce. October 30th, 2003 they appear before the Judge and it is at the beginning of 2004 when the College of the First Section of the Civil Court of Rome filed the divorce decree at the chancellery. Years go by and the woman lives a new life: she meets a man a few years younger and, after several years of cohabitation, the two finally decide to get married.

A ceremony to be celebrated on April 25th, 2019 with a massive reception and location already booked and partially paid by the interested parties. But the surprise comes when the two go to the wedding office to ask for the wedding publications: she is still married! From the documents they discover the truth: the divorce sentence issued before by the Court of Rome has never been transcribed in the registers of the civil status of the City of Rome!