The Sun reports how “A BRITISH Airways transatlantic jet was forced to make an emergency landing after a steward “knocked himself out” on an overhead locker tonight.

The Boeing 747 took off from Heathrow around 5.45pm and was heading to Washington D.C. But the flight was forced to turn back across the Atlantic and divert to London. A male crew member onboard the jumbo is understood to have hit his head on an overhead locker, around an hour into the flight. He was reportedly knocked unconscious in the freak accident, forcing the pilot to declare a medical emergency.

A flight tracker website claimed the pilot of Flight BA293 had to dump the plane’s fuel over the sea before returning to Heathrow. The injured crew member was raced to a London hospital by ambulance, but his condition is unknown.

The flight had been due to leave Heathrow at 5.15 pm on Friday. A BA spokesman said: “The safety and welfare of everyone on board our flights is always our priority, and thankfully injuries in flight are extremely rare.​ The crew member was taken to hospital upon landing.”