The presentation of the AirPods 2 is now imminent. Apple should unveil them on March 29th, within the usual spring event. As expected, there are rumours about it, and the latest in temporal order come from the Twitter profile of Max Weinbach. According to the historic member of XDA, the second generation of wireless headphones from the company of Cupertino will be able to count on an improved wireless charging.

In particular, it seems that they can be sold with a slightly larger case than the first generation, which can fully recharge them in just 15 minutes. Considering how the AirPods are designed for use on the move, this would be a comfort not to be ignored, which among other things would guarantee an important advantage over the competition.

Image: Twitter

In fact, just the AirPods have kicked off the market for true wireless headsets, which today offers a series of models, from the cheapest to those even more expensive than the Apple-branded solution.

Not surprisingly, Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 range was presented in conjunction with the Galaxy Buds, which in the South Korean company’s product catalog have taken the place of the Gear Icon X, however produced in two generations.

Furthermore, according to Weinbach, AirPods 2 will also be made of a different material. In particular, the Cupertino company should use the same as Apple Pencil 2, so a sort of frosted polycarbonate with rubberised effect. As always, however, it will be necessary to wait for the presentation to have certainties about it. As said at the beginning, we should know more about the event scheduled for March 29th which, among other things, should also reserve other news related to iPad, iPod Touch and services in general.