Ever needed an excuse for getting tipsy? Here it is, we got just the right excuse for you! Consuming alcohol could have “beneficial effects on the pronunciation of a foreign language”. 

It is the result of research published in the “Journal of Psychopharmacology” and based on the effects of alcohol in the case of people who have recently studied a foreign language. It is not just a popular belief, therefore, that – at least as far as pronunciation is concerned – alcohol can improve the ability to speak other languages ​​than one’s own.



The researchers conducted the study on 50 native German speakers who had recently studied Dutch. To assess the possible effects of alcohol, some participants gave a slightly alcoholic substance to drink.

During the subsequent discussion in Dutch, it emerged that those who had drunk the drink had a better pronunciation than those who had not taken alcohol.

adult-alcoholic-beverage-aleThe scholars – of the University of Liverpool, of the King’s College of London and of the University of Maastricht – have nonetheless stated that further research is needed on the subject, so as to assess the effects of alcohol on those who speak a foreign language.

“We must be cautious about the implications of these results until we know more” about what actually causes them, the experts wrote. A similar study in 1972 revealed the hypothesis that drinking alcohol could reduce “anxiety” from speaking another language.

Now hey, we said getting slightly tipsy not dead drunk, OK? Ans please do remember no tot drive when you drink! Stay safe!