Being a mother is wonderful, but it can really put you to the test, and requires – sometimes – a little break.

That’s why, all of us, should take a “mumcation”. What is it about? Starting out alone, leaving husband and children at home. Obviously, once in a while. It does not matter whether you do it to treat yourself to a weekend in a spa, or whether you prefer to carve out only a few hours to go out one evening with your friends, to take a hot bath, or to participate in a yoga class.

According to numerous studies, in fact, more than half of parents are unable to carve out enough time away from their children to be with friends or engage in their hobbies. But even more than fathers, mothers spend most of their time taking care of children. Even when they work outside the home, all day.



So, a ‘mumcation’ every now and then, can be a real boost. To theorise the idea, an American psychologist. He explained as follows: “Motherhood can be very stressful, both financially and in terms of time, because mothers try to do a lot of things together. Everyday. I think it’s very important for mothers to have time for them, to take a break and return to their role as fresher and more relaxed moms”.

The ideal ‘mumcation’? A couple of days, once a year. Without feeling guilty.. even about the children. It is important to see that mum and dad are not just mum and dad, but they are also two people dedicated to their well-being.

A ‘mumcation’, moreover, according to the experts would also favour the relationship with the partner. By detaching for a couple of days, it is possible to remove stress, fatigue and nervousness for a while which – often – affect the health of the couple. Here, then, is that a short vacation is not a luxury, but a necessity to recharge the physical and mental energies necessary to take care of your children. A gesture towards himself, so as not to forget that – as well as mothers – we are much more.