In one article which was titled Strong evidence linking Aluminum to Alzheimer’s, which were recently published in The Hippocratic Post website, Exley explained the following:

We already know some facts that aluminum content of brain tissue in late-onset or sporadic Alzheimer’s disease is importantly higher that it is found in age-matched controls. So, those individuals that develop Alzheimer’s disease in their late sixties, as well as older, accumulate more aluminum in their brain tissue than those individuals of the same age without the disease.

Some even higher levels of aluminum were found in the brains of individuals that were diagnosed with an early-onset form of irregular Alzheimer’s disease, and that have experienced an oddly high exposure to aluminum through the environment or their workplace. This actually means that Alzheimer’s has a much earlier age of onset, for instance, the fifties or early sixties, in individuals that have been exposed to unusually high levels of aluminum in their everyday lives.

alzheimersAccording to another paper of Exley and his team, titled Aluminum in brain tissue in familial Alzheimer’s disease, the concentrations of aluminum found in brain tissue donated by individuals who died with a diagnosis of the familial AD was the highest level that has ever been measured in human brain tissue.

Professor Exley wrote:

Now, we show that some of the highest levels of aluminum that has ever been measured in human brain tissue are found in individuals that have died with a diagnosis of the familial AD.

The aluminum levels in the brain tissue from individuals with the familial AD are similar to those that were recorded in individuals that died of an aluminum-induced encephalopathy while undergoing renal dialysis.”

He explained further:

FamiliaL Alzheimer’s disease is actually an early-onset form of the disease with first symptoms happening at the age of 30 or 40 years. It is an extremely rare condition, maybe 2-3% of all cases of Alzheimer’s disease. Its bases are genetic mutations which are connected with a protein that is called amyloid-beta, a protein which has been heavily associated with the cause of all forms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Those individuals with familial AD produce more amyloid beta and the onset of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are much earlier in life.

The first step towards change is with raising our awareness.

As more and more awareness grows involving the real causes of such neurodegenerative brain diseases, the more that we can do to prevent, as well as even treat them and eventually eliminate things like aluminum and some other chemicals in our food to prevent this disease from happening altogether.

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