“On 1 November 2007, a thief, Rudy Guede entered my apartment, raped and killed Meredith. He left traces of DNA and fingerprints. He fled the country, tried and convicted. Despite this, a significant number of people did not hear his name, this is because prosecutors, police and journalists focused on me. Journalists asked to arrest a culprit.”

They investigated me while Guede fled. This is what Amanda Knox said from the stage of the Criminal Justice Festival in Modena. Loose hair, the voice moved and broken, several times, by crying and the need to catch her breath and take a sip of water.

“I’m thinking of my prosecutor, Giuliano Minnini – Amanda said – I would like to have a face to face with him, outside prison”.”I hope that, if this happens, he too will be able to see that I am not a monster, but simply Amanda”.

“Justice for Meredith? No”, replied Amanda during the talk with journalists and lawyers, “she is no longer alive”.