Last March it emerged that Amazon was working on a robot based on Alexa. The news has not been denied by the Bezos company, which has indeed suggested that providing voice assistants with a body that allows them to interact with reality is a great way to allow them to become truly smart.

According to some new rumours coming from Bloomberg – which seems to have had access to a sort of internal demonstration – it seems that the work on the Alexa-based robot is going on and on and that the current version is equipped with wheels to facilitate its movement.

Bloomberg also points out that – although the original plans envisaged the launch of a variant of this robot as early as 2019 – the company is actually far enough from being able to present a commercial product. In any case, it seems that Amazon is very interested in the project and has added several engineers to the development team.

Bloomberg points out that the current prototypes use various sensors to orient themselves in the real world and that their height reaches approximately the waist of an average adult. It also appears that they are equipped with all the features present on any Echo device and that they physically approach the user when they are called using the classic voice command. In short, at the moment the work is progressing, but we are far from the launch of a similar product.