We sometimes think that certain incidents happen only in Malta… NOT! The culprit might not have been a pastizz, yet it still happened…

An American driver was accused by a passenger of having stopped the bus in front of a McDonald’s and of having come down to have breakfast. “That delay risked me losing my job,” the man, Devon Stuart, complained to journalists.

mcdonalds bfastSome may therefore be surprised that the bus company defends the driver, Yolanda Davis, also considering that the American companies are not reputed to particularly protect their employees. In fact, the spokesmen explained that the woman did nothing wrong given that the company’s policy allows drivers to stop along the way to buy food. “As long as you get back on the bus within 5 minutes,” they specify.

Both the bus company and the city authorities ensure that the stay lasted less than five minutes, and therefore the driver according to the regulation is perfectly on the right side. Stuart argues that instead the pause lasted between ten and fifteen minutes, but apparently has no evidence to support this claim.