You should not always trust Internet photos. A Tottenham supporter learned it at his own expense after he booked a last minute deal in Amsterdam to follow his team in the last Champions League event.

The accommodation was sponsored on Airbnb as a “clean house with private bathroom” at a cost of 130 Euro per night. And instead it was a rusty commercial container, illegally thrown on the edge of a road.

Ben Speller, the unfortunate fan, also received a call from the owner of the “house”, in which he explained that “there may be problems with running water”, but “he could not give him alternative housing”. So, with the idea of ​​getting by a little, the fan headed to Amsterdam.
“I went around the block by taxi three times – explains Speller – but the only thing I noticed at that address was the container. And I said to myself: ‘Come on, it’s not possible!’ Then I opened the door, I looked inside and decided to book a hotel “.
In the photographs advertised on the website, the “clean and comfortable” room had the air of a room a bit spartan and very small, with a futon-style bed in the middle, with a mattress placed directly on the floor. In reality, the buyer had found a container in all respects equal to that used on cargo ships, and placed it on the edge of a road near the station of the Dutch capital.
Tottenham’s incredible performance was not enough to console the cheated fan: the following day he submitted a request for reimbursement for his nightmare accommodation, but in response the home owner said no. Speller then contacted a journalist from Amsterdam to tell the story, then published photographs of his misadventure on a group of supporters of the London team.
The reaction was immediate: Airbnb officially announced that it had “compensated Mr. Speller of the 130 Euro lost for the scam, adding the 260 Euro spent on the hotel”, in addition to “having closed the account and the fraudulent insertions of the Mr. Jacob, because our platform does not tolerate scammers in any way.” The police of the Dutch capital, however, opened an investigation into the matter and discovered that the container was parked on public land without any authorisation. In addition, the cops found another container parked a few blocks away, belonging to the same person. Even the name of the owner, “Jacob”, was a pseudonym used by the fraudster!