The child falls into a hole in the floor and dies. Dasiah Jordan is accused of murder after the death of her 11-month-old daughter. The woman had left the house and left the girl with her friend and older sisters, to go and do her hair, when the girl slipped from a trap door upstairs and died.

mother and childThe woman is accused of abuse and negligence, because she should have looked after the baby. The child would have ended up in the flooded basement without being able to save herself, she died drowned. The woman, originally from Jordan, was sentenced to one year in prison, although she tried several times to repeat that it was an accident and that she became aware of what had happened only after many hours that it occurred.

The woman had left the child with her oldest daughters and another girl, a friend of hers. The mother said she knew about the hole in the room, and said she had tried to cover it with makeshift materials because she didn’t have enough money for a repair. “Poverty is not an excuse,” the judge ruled, as reported by the Daily Mail, and now she will have to serve her sentence in prison.