When we started Unravel Malta, we vouched we wouldn’t deal with politics, and please do not take this post as being political because it’s nothing like that.

This couple have been mocked and criticised by many, and we surely do not want to get into that… we are definitely not interested in discussing their political views, like we are not interested in discussing other members of parliament… however, we could not leave this one go by without a mention… because what they are proposing for this mother’s day goes beyond all political issues and opinions.

Godfrey and Marlene Farrugia are inviting all lonely mothers to join them for lunch this mother’s day. Such a noble way of celebrating this special day. We were moved by the gesture. Some might say it’s a political stunt, but who cares! If it helps in making people happy, why not? Kudos to you Godfrey and Marlene! Keep it up!

Godfrey Farrugia Mother's Day