An Italian pilot breaks the silence about the Ethiopian Airlines tragedy.

The plane crash of the Boeing 737 Max last Sunday has opened a debate on the reliability of that model, that several companies use for their routes. An Italian pilot has decided to speak and to say everything he knows about this Boeing.
boeing 737 max“The only thing you can do is to say that everything will be fine. Even after two accidents suspicion falls on those who fly the plane”. But the tragedy that caused the death of 157 people has caused a swirl the world of civil aviation. The airlines impose the maximum reserve on the comments on the Boeing to the pilots, but some confessions, albeit anonymous, on that type of carrier begin to come out.

And two other pilots signal the risks of that Boeing: “I felt the distinct feeling that the plane was getting out of hand: it’s something that usually happens at the beginning, and maybe it’s not even true, but it made me feel much less secure. And if I don’t feel comfortable in there, why should the passengers be?”