Whoever has felt the abstinence of gossip can finally relax because the summer 2019 gossip could be quite resounding, and these words are enough to reveal it: George Clooney’s secret daughter!!!!

Truth or not, this is what many English-language newspapers around the world are talking about. According to newspapers, the actor would have had a daughter from his last relationship before the wedding. 25 years have passed since ER and since then George Clooney has said so much, and almost never confirmed. It was said that he was gay and that he even paid a salary to Elisabetta Canalis to pretend to be a couple, but then he married Amal Alamuddin, they had two children and the rumour was dismissed as a boutade of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (remember? “We will not get married until the law also allows George and his partner to do so”). Few, however, still remember the relationship of the ER star with the model and former diva of wrestling Stacy Kleiber, which lasted from 2011 to 2013, and on which now a certain type of press is asking questions.

According to sources close to the actor, George Clooney would have learned in the past few days that he had already been the father of a girl named Ava with Kleiber for five years, who would have kept hidden the pregnancy. The news would have arrived with an anonymous letter addressed to his villa in Laglio, on Lake Como, and it seems that Amal was not happy at all.

Indeed, according to the Australian magazine NW, she would have “burst into tears”. In the letter, the anonymous informer advises Clooney to ask Kleiber for the child’s DNA test. To throw fuel on the fire, according to Business Time, immediately after the first publication of the news, some would have come up, ready to swear that the two, George and Stacy, would continue to see each other even after the marriage of both – she married soon after with the entrepreneur Jared Pobre, officially father of the child – but that George then broke the story believing he had a very special relationship with Amal.

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All these rumors reported by the foreign press have no solid, obvious basis. Another magazine, Gossip Cop, has already disputed the news claiming to have spoken to sources close to the couple, even if it is not clear what is being denied: the arrival of the letter, or paternity?
Among other things, something that happened in Italy would have escaped the chatter on Lake Como? Someone in the press also tried to contact George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin for clarification, but neither of them made statements. This does not necessarily mean that they have something to hide: rather, that they do not want to give importance to those who published the news, in order to let it fade as soon as possible.