The writer Andrea Camilleri, 93, is hospitalised in intensive care at the Santo Spirito hospital in Rome for a cardiac arrest.

According to preliminary information, Camilleri is in serious condition. He arrived at 9.15 am in the emergency room.

“He arrived in an ambulance in critical condition due to cardiorespiratory problems,” the hospital explained; “he was assisted by the emergency team at the Santo Spirito Emergency Department and transferred to the hospital’s Resuscitation Center”. 

The inventor of Il Commissario Montalbano was preparing to be for the first time at the ancient Baths of Caracalla, on 15th July, with the show that recounts his self-defense of Cain. “If I could I would like to end my career sitting in a square telling stories and at the end of my ‘cunto’, and walk through the audience with the coppola in my hand,” Camilleri said several times.

On social networks, the hashtag #camilleri immediately hit the head of Italian trending topics. Messages of proximity to the master have invaded Twitter. Roxscer writes: “Come on master don’t abandon us! We are not ready to be without you”. Paolo Tarchi: “Dear Andrea… please do not give up. Your roche words are among the last living anchors that keep us in a reality in danger. Our Tiresia, make us light again, in the darkness of ignorance “. Or again Pulce: “So much sorrow. So much hope. Andrea do not give up.”