New danger for Android users: two applications have been discovered with hundreds of thousands of downloads that slow down the use of the smartphone and show malicious advertisements.

This is  Genius Brain and AntiVirus – Free Virus Cleaner and Booster, two apparently harmless apps, but which actually hide a trojanAD, a particular type of virus that shows advertising and makes it difficult to use a mobile phone.

Genius Brain is a very engaging video game, but as soon as it is installed it starts the adware in the background and the user has no chance to block the display of advertisements. The second application, AntiVirus – Free Virus Cleaner and Booster, is even more subtle: it promises to protect the smartphone from viruses, but in reality hides a trojanAD. Also in this case the user cannot do anything to defend himself, if not immediately uninstall the application and reset the smartphone for security. Both applications have been removed from the Google Play Store and users should therefore not be afraid to download infected apps by mistake.

What the infected apps did

These are not apps that steal users’ personal information, but simply display misleading advertisements. After installation, the virus is activated in the background and begins to storm the screen with advertisements: to eliminate them the only possibility is to click on it.

What are the dangers for users

Compared to other types of viruses, adware is harmless for the security of your personal data, but is dangerous for smartphone performance. Their goal is to show misleading advertisements to attract user clicks and earn for every visit they make to their sites. The advertisements are shown at a very high frequency: one every couple of minutes, making it difficult to use the device.

How to defend against smartphone viruses

It is not the first time that Google is forced to delete applications from the Play Store because they are infected with a Trojan virus or adware. Unfortunately in some cases the Play Protect, the protection system developed by Google, is not so efficient.

To defend against viruses for Android smartphones, our advice is to always check the reviews of other users. In many cases there are negative comments in which the danger that is run by downloading the application is explained. Furthermore, install a security suite: on the Play Store there are many free Android antiviruses that do their job very well.