Good news for those who own an Android device because among the next probable news coming and rumored on the net, a pair appears that arouses considerable interest among Google users.

After the news on Google Translate and the new function that would allow users to  transcribe and translate in real time under dictation , there is also talk of a function that could reach the Phone app – also known as Google Phone – more or less simultaneously.

In fact, according to 9to5Google and XDA Developers, within the 44 release of the application available in the Play Store for a few hours, some strings of code would have been found that would refer to a function capable of recording and transcribing phone calls .

Source: Google

From the few details available on the matter, the novelty – if it were to be actually released – could take shape in a red registration button that will be shown during an incoming or outgoing call. By touching it, it will be possible to record the conversation and, only at the end, to obtain the complete transcription.

Photo: Mishaal Rahman –

Furthermore, in order to comply with current regulations, there is a text warning message – on the screen of the device that records – and an acoustic one: the latter will be announced to both parties in order to notify the recording of the call.

Although the news is expected already in the coming months, there is no confirmation regarding the roadmap provided by Google. However, at least early on, they may only be available  on Android devices .