Another 11 women accused Placido Domingo, the most famous living opera singer, of sexual harassment after the 9 who had already done so in an Associated Press article released last August 13th.

Even these 11 women told their stories to the Associated Press (AP), but only one of them decided to make her real name known… the others, who still work in the field of opera, preferred not to do it for fear of repercussions. The new article by APtells how Domingo’s harassment of young women who worked with him was a known thing and that many had devised ways to limit the problems, including using male staff to work with Domingo or inviting his wife to parties open to theatre employees in which he worked. The women who spoke to AP said they were kissed and touched against their will. A spokeswoman for Domingo has denied the allegations.

(Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Musco Center for the Arts at Chapman University)