Anti-heat diet, how to follow it? Insomnia further worsens with the heat, ruining the nights of many (including myself). Preventing such situations can be done by adopting healthy behaviours during the day. Many of these are diet-related. What are the  guidelines for an anti-heat diet ? We see together the foods to include and to avoid.

As for the  foods that should be avoided with the heat, we find  spicy foods. The over-salted or seasoned ones with cooking dice should also be moderated or avoided.

food basket

Few coffee and no alcohol

Companions of many summer evenings with friends,  spirits should be avoided if you intend to follow a useful diet against the heat. When you exaggerate a little it is in fact easy to meet situations of slight  dehydration,  certainly not pleasant on days when the lash of heat is powerful. To avoid if possible is another exciting substance, namely  coffee, certainly not a friend of good sleep in general and even more so with the summer heat!

The  bread, as well as pasta and rice, is part of the foods recommended to control the hassle of stuffiness in the summer nights. Another important food tip to follow both with these foods and with those we will be discussing shortly is moderation in every sense. Falling asleep is in fact difficult both if you are fasting and if you let yourself overeat. Attention to what you eat at this time of year is obviously particularly important for people like children and the elderly, who are more vulnerable to heat stroke.

Panettone with cream and mascarpone cream Ingredients: panettone, 500 grams of mascarpone, 250 grams of fresh cream, 50 grams of powdered sugar. Procedure: for the cream whip the cream, then add mascarpone and sugar and mix. Crumble the panettone coarsely. in a glass component the layered cake: a layer of panettone and one of cream. Finish at will with chocolate flakes, colored sugared almonds, cocoa powder.July diet

July diet… are you ready? By consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables you not only lose weight, but you tan even faster.

By now we are in full summer and on the table many delights of the earth arrive. From zucchini, to green beans, lettuce, aubergines, peppers and leeks. And while the sea gives us so many good fish, healthy and rich in Omega 3, such as red snapper, sea bream, sardines and sea bass, for fruit there is an embarrassment of choice, including plums, peaches, blackberries, raspberries, watermelon, melon, but above all apricots.