Anxiety… so many suffer from it on a daily basis. Accomplices? The increasingly frenetic rhythms. It’s enough to say that, according to the Association for Research on Anxiety and Depression, 40 million Americans suffer from it. In addition to treatments and medical therapies, nutrition can also be an effective remedy to counteract its presence and prevent the appearance of symptoms that accompany this disorder.

Before going into the details of the recommended foods, it is necessary to point out that, however rigorous, the diet DOES NOT replace traditional medical treatments, but rather integrates with them amplifying the beneficial effects. The necessary precondition is that the diet is obviously rich in nutritious foods and precious substances for the well-being of the organism, such as fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and good fats.

Image result for salmonSpecifically, among the useful foods against anxiety is fish. Some varieties such as salmon, rich in omega 3, play a key role in ensuring the normal functioning of the brain and the related cognitive functions. Furthermore, if consumed regularly in the everyday diet, fish has the advantage of reducing the risk of heart attacks and inflammations .

Image result for teaWith surprise, even a notoriously stimulating drink like tea can ward off anxiety. In particular, the green one, which should be consumed at the rate of 1 or 2 cups at breakfast or before going to sleep, is able to calm the nerves. This action is possible thanks to L-teina, present in high quantities in its leaves with the traditional dark green colour. Instead, the relaxing powers of the chamomile infusion are much better known, which should be introduced into daily routines and not just taken as needed. Drinking a cup a day relieves muscle tension, reducing anxiety and irritability.

Image result for pumpkin seedsIf, on the other hand, you prefer to munch on a crunchier texture, the choice should fall on pumpkin seeds, containing an amino acid known as tryptophan that regulates sleep and mood. And walnuts, which, thanks to omega 3, reduce symptoms of anxiety and keep the brain healthy.


Image result for walnuts dark chocolateFinally, the good news is that even dark chocolate can cure anxiety. First of all because it soothes hunger by giving a sense of satiety and contentment and then because, being rich in antioxidants, it can improve brain health. So, no more guilt the next time you fall off your diet wagon. The important thing is that the chocolate is dark (at least 72% cocoa, because it is thinner and with a higher concentration of antioxidants) and that it does not exceeded the recommended doses (20 grams per day according to experts).